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Facing Sickness – 2 Kings 5

We all need a healing touch.  There is something in each of our lives that needs healing. What problem are you trying to conceal? What hurt are you trying to cover up? What prevents you from getting close to other … Continue reading

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Redeeming Love – Hosea 3

In Hosea chapter 3, Hosea is dealing with the bitter reality that Gomer has left him AGAIN and this time she in sexual slavery. Hosea has to go get his wife and buy her back from her pimp. Can you … Continue reading

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Our Worst Enemy is Ourself

Our worst enemy is our self.  Occupying the same skin that we occupy, using same brain that we use, and using the same hands that we use. This enemy can do more harm to us than anyone else. There are … Continue reading

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Drama Free Forgiveness: Why & How

We all get hurt by others.  Un-forgiveness keeps the hurt alive and adds unnecessary drama.  It can control us as we replay the hurt back in our mind over and over. Often the person we are mad at has moved … Continue reading

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