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Courage to Follow God’s Instructions – Joshua 6

Life is full of battles in one form or other.  Right now you are dealing with relational struggles, parental struggles, health struggles, marital struggles, career struggles-because life is full of battles. And to be able to deal with all them, … Continue reading

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Building God’s Way – Nehemiah 7

We are wrapping up our series, Rise & Build. When we left Nehemiah last week, he had just finished building the wall.  He accomplished in 52 days what other people could not accomplish in 70 years. We read last week: … Continue reading

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Our Best for God – Malachi

Have you heard the jokes, “I’ve got some good news and some bad news?”  These jokes range across most subjects! As a former Drivers Ed. Teacher, here’s one about driving, said by someone who borrowed your car:  “The good news … Continue reading

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A Thriving Church or a Dying Church?

A THRIVING church has lots of “noisy” children and young people; a dying church is fairly quiet.   A THRIVING church often changes the way things are done; a dying church doesn’t.   A THRIVING church often asks for more … Continue reading

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