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Resurrected Hero – Mark 16

Jesus is our Resurrected Hero!  Regardless of what is happening in the world right now that might tempt us to believe otherwise; the risen Christ reminds us that He is able to bring hope where there is despair, joy where there is grief, love where there is indifference, … Continue reading

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The Lord is My Shepherd – Psalm 23

Today we look at the most popular Old Testament passage.  This Psalm has been quoted in fox holes and in funerals. Presidents have used it to help a grieving nation; Lincoln read it during the Civil War and George Bush … Continue reading

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3 Stress Reducers This Holiday Season

Another Black Friday has come and gone! It emphasizes the chaos of the Christmas season.  It’s the most stressful time of the year.  We worry about presents, pleasing people, finances, travel and the list goes on!   Let’s look at a … Continue reading

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