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Superman vs. Jesus

Who is greater Superman (Samson) or Christ? We’ve referred to Samson as Superman because he killed a lion with his bare hands, killed a thousand enemy soldiers with a donkey’s jawbone, and ripped up city gates weighing thousands of pounds … Continue reading

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Matthew Chapter 28

Today’s reading is the culmination of all that Jesus came to do!  He overcomes death, rises from the dead, appears to his disciples and gives them all and each of us as His followers the assignment of all assignments.  A … Continue reading

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Matthew Chapter 16

Hello!  I’m glad you are reading about Jesus each day and pray you’re encouraged and inspired.  Today Jesus has more conflict with the Pharisees who demand that he give them a sign.  On a more positive note, Peter confesses that … Continue reading

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Staggering Number of Written Records

You can tell when an event is big news by all the new feeds, trending on Twitter, blog posts, articles and publicity it causes.  These types of media frenzies give evidence that something noteworthy happened. When it comes to events … Continue reading

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